Man Made Disaster

A disaster attributed in part or entirely to human intent, error, negligence, or involving a failure of a man-made system, resulting in significant injuries or deaths
Examples 9/11, Columbine High School massacre, Exxon Valdez, NASA’s Challenger, Columbia, Chernobyl
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He also sensitized the participants about adopting preventive measures to cope with natural and man made disasters in the agency.
The present study compared the state of wellbeing and PTSD in natural vs man made disasters in Pakistan and showed that adults exposed to natural disaster (flood) significantly score higher on well-being compared to man-made disasters (terrorism and suicide bombing).
The world leader in reinsurance, Germany's Munich Re, on April 8, announced the creation of a foundation to fund prevention projects for natural or man made disasters. The foundation is to receive a budget of euro 50 million.