A stereotactic breast-imaging system that digitally localises a lesion, providing precise biopsy co-ordinates.
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Stereotactic fine needle aspiration biopsy (SFNB) of breast: preliminary results in Perth with the TRC mammotest machine.
Devicor's product portfolio also includes the Mammotome revolve, the tether-less Mammotome elite, Neoprobe Gamma Detection System, Mammotome MammoTest stereotactic biopsy table, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of tissue markers used in breast disease diagnostic sampling and management.
The MammoTest is Siemens fully digital prone table biopsy system with the largest breast aperture (11 inches) in the industry.
Screening is performed with a mammogram, also called a Mammotest.
The company also highlighted its new MammoTest prone table, which is designed to offer clinicians the choice of upright or prone stereotactic breast biopsy systems.