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 [mah-mil´ah] (pl. mamil´lae)
1. nipple (def. 1).
2. papilla. adj., adj mam´millary.
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Hojas 25-40 por planta, (12-)20-40 cm largo, (5-)7-11 cm ancho, lanceoladas, oblongas a ovadas, suculentas, erectas a recurvadas, flexibles, algo concavas hacia la parte media y apice, verde-amarillentas, glaucas hacia la base; margen crenado, mamilas prominentes hacia la parte media de la lamina, 5-10 mm alto, variadamente curvadas; dientes (5-)8-12 mm largo, (5-) 8-10 mm ancho, con base amplia que cubre la cuspide de la mamila, retrorsos, antrorsos o rectos, castanos a grisaceos, separados por 2-3.5 cm, en ocasiones con dientecillos intersticiales, hacia la base de la hoja los dientes son pequenos y mas cercanos entre si; espina 2-3(-4) cm largo, 0.3-0.5(-0.8) cm ancho, sinuosa a recta, acanalada en el haz, decurrente por 1-2 cm, castana a grisacea.
The cemetery, known as Aman Allah or Mamila, is being desecrated, according
He concludes that an intermediate type of pottery--one indicating sixth-century occupation--can be found in the excavations of four central sites in the area of Benjamin (Tell el-Ful, Beitin, Tell el-Jib, and Tell en-Nasbeh), as well as in Judean tombs at Ketef Hinom, Mamila, Ain Shems, and Lachish (pp.
walking in Mamila Street, and my feet/ so sexy, a whistle here/ a
An example of a proverb with social utility is given: Uluwikala na mamila ukwingwilwa na magino.
The heart of Havilio's exploration of Jerusalem revolves around Jaffa Gate, the main entrance to Jerusalem's Old City (which includes the neighboring Jewish, Muslim, Armenian and Christian quarters, the Arab market, and the holy sites -- the Wailing Wall, the Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the temple mount where Al Aksa mosque now stands) and the area adjacent to it where Jerusalem's commercial district, Mamila, once stood.
A project such as Moshe Safdie's Mamila neighbourhood - whose initial plan called for a huge network of underground roadways and extensive demolition of existing structures - was scaled back to a more modest (but still ambitious) project that can be completed in stages, while retaining many of the district's older buildings.