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an island in the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily.
Malta fever - Synonym(s): brucellosis
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This is Gozo's most beautiful beach, and probably the best of all on the Maltese islands.
Stoddart's analysis of monuments in the Maltese Islands highlights the possibility of conflicting processes occurring at the same time and is not bound by the need to establish a single, over-arching truth.
We hope this video will increase a sense of inclusion and participation among all families in the Maltese Islands, PFWS Director General Dr Ruth Farrugia said.
Friday and Saturday flags on all official buildings on the Mediterranean island are flying at half mast as the island's highest authorities, foremost of whom the President of Malta Dr George Abela, paid homage to the man who will long remembered in the history of the Maltese islands.
THE Malta and Gozo Carnival is one of the highlights of the year in the Maltese islands.
Astra Folk Group, which includes Anthony's wife and son, is the first from the Maltese Islands to take part in the Billingham Festival.
There are over 1300 established and accessible climbing routes in the Maltese islands, each reachable by car within half an hour.
The entire territory of the Maltese islands will be considered a less favoured area, meaning farmers on Malta and Gozo will qualify for extra EU support.
And supping on my vino in the sunshine, with the sea crashing in the harbour behind me, it was easy to understand why so many travellers fell in love with the Maltese islands and fought to make it their home.
Some of the best diving in the Med is to be found around the Maltese islands.