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an island in the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily.
Malta fever - Synonym(s): brucellosis
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Malte Tourbillon High Jewellery is expected to receive attention from both sexes.
The outcome for our September sale validates the strong demand for exceptional vintage and rare, modern or limited edition watches such as the Vacheron Malte which sold for an impressive $104,500 in today's auction," said Charles Tearle, Watch Expert & Director, Antiquorum USA.
A contemporary expression of the brand's inimitable artistic sensitivity, the Malte line was born with the third millennium in a reinterpretation of the tonneau shape.
California by far leads the way," said Brian Malte, a state legislative director for the Brady Campaign, the nation's largest gun violence prevention organization.
But a spokesman for the company said: i: Birmingham Corporation has made no claim against us in this matter, They are the policy-holders and it is UP to them to malte a claim.
The unrecognised architecture of domestic living rooms from Warsaw to New York, captured in photographs by the Danish artist Annette Merrild, were as valid as an exhibition of theoretical 'urban units' conceived by Karsten Drohsel and Malte Steiner, architecture in outer space, the recycling of offices into flats, or an investigation of how people adapt their Bauhaus designed homes and workplaces.
Malte Kelm and associates at Heinrich Heine University, Dusseldorf, Germany.
Hamburg artists Jelka Plate and Malte Wilms invited the SSM (Socialistic Self-Help of Mulheim) to present their organization.
YSI announced that President and COO Rick Omlor will assume the duties of retiring CEO Malte vonMatthiessen until a replacement is named .