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an island in the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily.
Malta fever - Synonym(s): brucellosis
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She explained that the Government's policy is that Malta continues to attract people looking at Malta not only as the place where they have their second home but also to contain Chinese families to invest and bring innovative projects to the country.
SmartCity Malta will become a vibrant community where people will live, work, and play.
Furthermore, throughout the financial crisis, Malta emerged as a relative safe haven despite turmoil in financial markets globally.
Malta can act as a conduit to the North African market and vice versa to the European market," said Dr.
If you're shopping for traditional arts and crafts, look out for the renowned Malta lace, delicate silver and gold filigree or the colourful and creative Malta mouth-blown glass.
Malta became a member of the United Nations in 1964 following independence from the United Kingdom.
She said: "With each visit here I am reminded why Malta was awarded the George Cross in 1942 by my father, King George VI, for her valour - the first and only time it has been awarded to a country rather than an individual.
Vienna Airport said further the bid was prompted by Malta Airport's "outstanding results".
Transport and infrastructure minister Joe Mizzi stated that within the maritime industry, the Malta flag is widely renowned and recommended as a register of the highest standards with regards to security and environmental awareness and protection.
John is appointed on the Board of Governors for FinanceMalta, a non-profit public-private Foundation, set up to promote Malta as an international business and financial centre both within as well as outside Malta.
Employee benefits in Malta can be broadly classified into two types: social security benefits and private benefits.
Malta has some significant strengths to offer the industry including a well-trained, motivated workforce; a low-cost environment; and an advantageous tax regime backed up by more than 60 double taxation agreements; including with five out of six of the GCC nations (the exception being Oman) and with Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco elsewhere in the Arab world.

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