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The salt or ester of malonic acid.
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TEMPO-substituted dimethyl malonate and diethyl malonate subjected to the domino process af-fording the target products in almost quantitative yields (33 and 34).
Similarly, methylene malonates are molecules that embody the formula shown in Figure la, where R1 and R2 represent a wide variety of substituents or side-chains.
Methylene malonates would provide desirable environmental resistance and zero-energy cure capabilities.
Additionally, the thermal resistance of methylene malonates was assessed at 121[degrees]C on cold rolled steel lap shears (10.
As discussed, methylene malonates are comparable to CA in terms of some cure properties but provide additional, unmatched performance possibilities.
In addition, cyanoacrylates and methylene malonates can enable improved manufacturing and product opportunities via improved ultimate strength, ease-of-use, and/or environmental resistance.
Synthesis of methylene malonates using rapid recovery in the presence of an energy transfer means.
Synthesis of methylene malonates substantially free of impurities.
The glycoside and malonate forms are more soluble and more stable than the aglycones but generally lack biological activity (Piersen et al.