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The salt or ester of malonic acid.
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Methylene malonate monomers and their oligomeric crosslinking derivatives have the unique advantage of polymerizing rapidly at ambient temperatures--without the need for ultraviolet light, high temperatures or high solvent loading required by incumbent automotive coating systems.
The very high reactivity of the carbanions formed, especially when using malonate species as the donor.
During the research, we found that this reaction suffer from the diversity of substrates, especially 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds such as malonates, dibenzoylmethane, subjected to the reaction conditions, didn't give target products.
It is differentiated from other organisms with similar characteristics with its ability to use citrate and malonate, decarboxylate lysine and ornithine and to produce excessive a-ketoglutaric acid during glucose fermantation (6).
These chemicals raise membrane potential and ensure that all changes in oxygen consumption and membrane potential in response to sequential additions of malonate are due to proton leak.
Methylene malonate adhesives have tailorable bond strength properties and would fit well into these scenarios enabling significant reduction of heat input while still allowing for relatively adequate surface densification.
Hostavin PR 25 (benzylidene malonate ester) nonhydroxy substituted uv absorber with absorptivities above 100 liters has a lambda maxima at 310 nm and sharp cutoff at 350 nm.
These are produced from the intermediates of primary carbon metabolism such as shikmate malonate or mevalonte pathways (Taiz and Zeiger 2010).
Pisolithus tinctorius, and Scleroderma verrucosum produce a wide range of low molecular weight organic acids, such as citrate, formate, malate, malonate or succinate which can also act as mineral complexing agents.
Concurrent with our attempts to find the most suitable extraction conditions, we explored HPLC conditions appropriate for iAs and roxarsone, and found that an anion-exchange column (PRP-X100; Hamilton Company, Reno, Nevada, USA) and a mobile phase of 20 mM malonate, pH 9.
Mice deficient in dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase show increased vulnerability to MPTP, malonate and 3-nitropropionic acid neurotoxicity.
equi is non-reactive and does not oxidize or ferment carbohydrates in standard Gordon media, and does not use acetate, citrate, or malonate as unique carbon sources.