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n Latin name:
Malva sylvestris; parts used: dried flowers and leaves; uses: respiratory disorders, teething, constipation; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children. Also called
blue mallow, cheeseflower, cheeseweed, field mallow, fleurs de mauve, high mallow, malve, or
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This, Mallows said, will bring the residential population at Masdar City to more than 3,500 people within the next two to three years.
Barney had a small wound on his back," said Mr Mallows.
I truly believe that RTX has the solutions to positively address a number of current challenges facing our timeshare industry that will help reshape how business partnerships will look in the future,” said Mallows.
Later Edwards and a friend had allegedly spat at Mr Mallows as they passed him although he wasn't hit.
Other members of the family tried to calm Mallows but he shouted for everyone to leave him alone, said Peter Schofield, prosecuting.
In comparison, mallows were valued at 305,000 [pounds sterling] for the same period.
Both Mallows and Stevens were family liaison officers attached to the Chapman family when Jessica and Holly Wells went missing in August 2002.
PC Mallows stood 4ft from the witness box and stared directly at Stevens.
A: Tree mallows are highly suited to our climate as long as they are given excellent light and good drainage.
Lagarias, Mallows, and Wilks went on to generalize the formula, which they now call the new Descartes circle theorem, to cover configurations made up of the higher-dimensional analogs of touching circles, beginning with touching spheres in three-dimensional space.
The new facilities are being self-developed, but according to Mallows, agreements are likely with third-party developers for more residences, serviced apartments, and hotels.