Mallory iodine stain

Mal·lo·ry i·o·dine stain

amyloid appears red-brown after Gram iodine, then violet and blue after flooding with dilute sulfuric acid.
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Mal·lo·ry i·o·dine stain

(mal'ŏr-ē ī'ō-dīn stān)
Amyloid appears reddish brown after Gram iodine stain, then violet and blue after flooding with diluted sulfuric acid.
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Frank Burr, U.S. pathologist, 1862-1941.
Mallory aniline blue stain - Synonym(s): Mallory trichrome stain
Mallory bodies II - large, poorly defined accumulations of eosinophilic material in the cytoplasm of damaged hepatic cells in certain forms of cirrhosis. Synonym(s): alcoholic hyaline bodies
Mallory collagen stain
Mallory iodine stain
Mallory phloxine stain
Mallory phosphotungstic acid hematoxylin stain
Mallory stain for actinomyces
Mallory stain for hemofuchsin
Mallory trichrome stain - a method especially suitable for studying connective tissue. Synonym(s): Mallory aniline blue stain; Mallory triple stain
Mallory triple stain - Synonym(s): Mallory trichrome stain
picro-Mallory trichrome stain - a modification of Mallory trichrome stain that involves the addition of picric acid.
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