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The company stated that the primary objectives are to evaluate the safety and tolerability and define the Phase II clinical trial recommended doses of IBI188 as monotherapy and as part of combination therapy on subjects with advanced malignant tumours. The Phase 1a study will explore initial and maintenance doses of IBI188 as monotherapy.
In Mausani's study23 on 52 malignant parotid gland tumours there were 3 cases (5.76%) of Ca ex PA (5.76%) and Sarfraz24 reported 4 cases (2.7%) of this malignant tumour.
Out of these 181(80%) were benign and 46 (20%) were diagnosed as malignant tumours. Surface epithelial tumours were found common benign tumours 75% followed by germ cell tumours 25%.
Malignant tumours were mainly squamous cell carcinoma, lymphoma, melanoma, meibomian carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma.
The accuracy of the test in ovarian neoplasms exclusively was 86.6%, whereas it had a sensitivity of 72.7%, specificity 94.7%, PPV 88.8% and NPV 85.7% for benign tumours /conditions and malignant tumours.
The neoplastic lesions comprised 82/127 (64.57%) benign and 45/127 (35.43%) malignant tumours (Fig.
But the inquest heard there was a malignant tumour of a type associated with exposure to asbestos.
None of these parotid tumours showed recurrence over a period of 1 year and malignant tumour of submandibular had local recurrence at 1 year (5%).
Colorectal cancer (of the colon and rectum), the most common malignant tumour if we group men and women together, presents an average survival rate of 50-55 per cent five years after diagnosis, meaning that half the patients survive this form of cancer.
Chi-square test was used to analyse the difference in incidence of benign and malignant tumour based on age and gender with p value <0.05 as significant.
It is seen that in most studies, benign tumour occurs at younger age group than malignant tumour. Salivary gland malignancies present at an earlier age than most other malignancies.
Dublin-born Alan Joyce, 44, has vowed to be back at his desk on Monday, just 11 days after doctors removed a malignant tumour.