malicious prosecution

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malicious prosecution

Etymology: L, malitia, wickedness, prosequi, to pursue
(in law) a suit begun in malice and pursued without sufficient cause. It is usually an action for damages. Malicious prosecution is a wrongful civil proceeding, and a person who takes an active part in initiating or continuing it is subject to liability.


an act done to inflict an injury, not to redress a wrong.

malicious poisoning
laying a bait to poison an animal without the owner's consent.
malicious prosecution
instigating a lawsuit for the purpose of punishing the other person without having a proper justification for the litigation.
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The woman was acquitted of the charges and subsequently sued the retailer for false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, and defamation.
If the Tenth Circuit ruling prevails, individuals will be better able to bring causes of action under Section 1983 for violations of constitutionally protected rights -- raising the concern that such expanded malicious prosecution claims could discourage necessary and legitimate enforcement actions.
Mr Borg's claims of negligence and malicious prosecution were withdrawn.
She said the other case of its kind appeared to be that involving Winston Silcott, who received pounds 50,000 in damages for malicious prosecution for the London murder of Pc Keith Blakelock.
Merkle then resigned her position and filed a lawsuit against the school district, Thomas, and Brown for retaliation, malicious prosecution, and defamation.
Siebel initiated the malicious prosecution case against Mittlesteadt in 2000 in response to a wrongful termination and gender discrimination claim that Mittlesteadt filed in 1996 on behalf of a former employee of Siebel Systems, Inc.
The 58-year-old, worth pounds 500million, said he would sue the Crown Prosecution Service for malicious prosecution, Sussex Police for attempting to prosecute him for alleged assault and his lawyers for alleged incompetency.
Rafalko in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles, claiming fraud, malicious prosecution and defamation, following Ms.
Masry said he plans to file a claim against Cohen and her attorneys for malicious prosecution.
ANTs announced today that it has concluded a settlement in the malicious prosecution action brought against Hubert P.
She filed a second lawsuit last July alleging malicious prosecution.