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Flaps with pedicles based superiorly were described by Malgaigne and Sedillot (1889), Ferris smith (1942) and Paleta (1954).
Toohey, "External fixation of unstable malgaigne fractures: the comparative mechanical performance of a new configuration," Orthopaedic Review, vol.
Joseph-Francois Malgaigne. (1) In 1855, he published Traite des Fractures et des Luxations in which he described a "double-vertical" fracture of the pelvis with clinically apparent displacement of one hemipelvis involving disruption of both anterior and posterior aspects of the pelvic ring, which later came to be known as a "Malgaigne" fracture.
Exclusion Criteria: All patients with recurrent inguinal hernia, complications like obstruction, strangulation or incarceration, bilateral inguinal hernias, children below 16 year of age, patients with immune compromised status and patients with Malgaigne's bulging were excluded.
Malgaigne (Geneva, Switzerland: Slatkine, 1970), 676-734.
After a brief outline of Girard's theory, Celdran shows in each of the novels how the mimetic crisis functions to single out a scapegoat or "victime emissaire" (23) such as la Clotte or la Malgaigne as a means to deliver the community from unrest.
In 1855, JosephFrancois Malgaigne was the first to describe "perilunate dislocations." Up until the 1920s closed reduction and casting was the mainstay of treatment for these injuries.