Achille-Etienne, 19th-century French surgeon. See: Malecot catheter.
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This success also confirms our capacity to originate and execute deals on a global scale", rejoices Charles-Henri Malecot, CEO of STOA.
We report a case of a broken re-entry Malecot nephrostomy tube after an uneventful PCNL procedure.
Malecot, "Influence of cement matrix porosity on the triaxial behaviour of concrete," Cement and Concrete Research, vol.
A malecot drain was placed through the vagina and into the peritoneal cavity.
The abscess cavity was suctioned out via this defect, and a 26-French Malecot drain was placed in the cavity transanally.
Inbreeding coefficient and the coancestory coefficient were estimated by the algorithms proposed by Meuwissen and Luo (1992) and Malecot (1948), respectively.
Ruthenium red also inhibits [Ca.sup.2+] release from intracellular stores (Chamberlain et al., 1984; von Dassow and Latz, 2002; Jain and Sharma, 2016), and both ruthenium red and [Gd.sup.3+] inhibit some voltage-gated [Ca.sup.2+] channels (Lacampagne et al., 1994; Malecot et al., 1998), as well as Piezo channels, a recently discovered mechanosensitive ion channel conserved from protozoa to mammals (Coste et al., 2010, 2012; Prole and Taylor, 2013; Volkers et al., 2015).
This result suggested that a higher degree of relationship between the parents mentioned above may exist, bringing together alleles identical by ancestry in the same locus (MALECOT, 1966).
The owner, Michel Malecot, has employed hundreds of workers.
Even though AE does not have any phonemic nasal vowels in its inventory, vowels followed by a tautosyllabic nasal consonant are heavily nasalized throughout their duration.(26) In 1960 Malecot introduced the concept in which nasalization is obligatory in AE in such context.
Hologic indicates that the device is inserted through the cervical canal, the Malecot anchor is deployed on the internal os, and the inner probe's polyethylene tip is extended to the fundus to gauge uterine cavity length.