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A highly-paid fashion model who has a worldwide reputation, often a background in haute couture and commercial modelling and is what Western culture regards as the pinnacle of beauty
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On a buying trip to New York, his exotic good looks caught the eye of the late David Bosman, founder of Boss Models, who's credited for popularizing the concept of male supermodels in the 1990s.
If you think you could be the male supermodel Men's Health are looking for, then the Echo wants to hear from you.
Britain's Next Top Model 2016 will be aired on Lifetime UK from January 14 and features judges model Abbey Clancy, male supermodel Paul Sculfor and fashion writer Hilary Alexander.
MOLLIE King's on-off relationship with male supermodel David Gandy looks like being well and truly back on.
In another video, the reggae-tinged "Mr Bill," she plays a skimpily-clad Asian wife who calls herself a geisha and sings about killing her African-American husband, played by the male supermodel Tyson Beckford.
David Gandy Dolce & Gabbana 2002 THE male supermodel took the fashion world by storm after appearing in the hot D&G ads, shot on Italian island Capri.
It turns out I'm just not flabby enough for surgery to turn me into a perfect specimen of a male supermodel.
THE hunt for a homegrown male supermodel was launched today - because US publishers think British men are "beer-bellied, pasty weeds".
The premise is that Stiller is a male supermodel who has for three years won the title Male Model of the Year.
e e And he has been scouted by some of the biggest fashion houses on the planet including Tom Ford and Versace - after been discovered by male supermodel Tyson Beckford.
Boss' move to a more distinct look in the women's range could already be seen especially with the label's movie-like campaign, "Shanghai Affairs," featuring Taiwanese actress Lin Chi-ling and male supermodel Jon Kortajarena.