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the expected value or probability of occurrence for a specific event.
life expectancy the number of years, based on statistical averages, that a given person of a specific age, class, or other demographic variable may be expected to continue living.
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life expectancy

The number of years that an individual is expected to live as determined by statistics.
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life expectancy

Longevity, period life expectancy Epidemiology The average length of life of persons in a population; the average number of yrs of life remaining for a population of persons, all of age x, and all subject for the remainder of their lives to the observed age-specific death rates corresponding to a current life table. See Life table.
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life expectancy

A statistical estimate of the number of years a person, of any particular age, is likely to live.
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Q. what is the life expectancy of a person with chronic bronchioectasis

A. depends on how severe are the your body reacts to those infections and what is the cause of those infections (cystic fibrosis??). i think only the therapist treating you can estimate. and even so - there are ways to prevent recurring infections. can slow the process of destruction and even stop it completely.

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There are more widows than widowers, which accentuates the role of female life expectancy relative to male life expectancy.
kilometer); urbanization (percentage of people living in the cities); average life expectancy (years); average female life expectancy (years); average male life expectancy (years); literacy (percentage of people who can read); female literacy; male literacy; natural population increase (percentage per year); infant mortality (deaths per 1000 live births); average daily calorie intakes; gross domestic product (GDP) per capita; religion; fertility rates (average number of children); and death rates per 1000 people.
We also offer a unifying concept that explains the fluctuations in sex determination at conception, that is, the primary sex ratio (PSR), and the shorter male life expectancy at every age from conception onward.
The damp metropolis has highest death rates for heart disease and cancer and male life expectancy four years less than average.
When the infrastructures of production, technology, science, transportation, heating and sewage disposal disintegrate; when tens of millions of people do not receive earned salaries, some 75 percent of society lives below or barely above the subsistence level and at least 15 million of them are actually starving; when male life expectancy has plunged to 57 years, malnutrition has become the norm among schoolchildren, once-eradicated diseases are again becoming epidemics and basic welfare provisions are disappearing; when even highly educated professionals must grow their own food in order to survive and well over half the nation's economic transactions are barter--all this, and more, is indisputable evidence of a tragic "transition" backward to a premodern era.
Russian experts agree that renewed heavy drinking of vodka is one of the prime reasons that male life expectancy has dropped so dramatically in Russia.
Latest city council life expectancy figures, from between 2013 and 2017, reveal that in 16 communities the average male life expectancy is below 75.
The latest stats - for 2012-14 - show male life expectancy has dropped to 77.9 years in 2012-14 from 78.2 years in 2011-13.
The top 50 local areas with the highest male life expectancy at birth were in the South-east, East of England, South-west, London and East Midlands only.
"Lozells is one of the most deprived areas of Birmingham and has the lowest male life expectancy of anywhere in the city," said Coun Zafaar, who is also launching a campaign to open a walk-in centre in the area.
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