McLean, Malcolm

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Malcolm, U.S. obstetrician, 1848-1924.
Tucker-McLean forceps - see under Tucker
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In 1956, the transport entrepreneur Malcolm McLean launched the first shipping container voyage from Newark, New Jersey, to Houston, Texas.
and Malcolm McLean remains President of Discovery Mining Services Ltd....
Malcolm McLean, of pensions consultancy Barnett Waddingham, said the Government wanted future generations to spend up to a third of their adult lives in retirement.
Malcolm McLean, founder of SeaLand Service, Inc., developed the modern intermodal shipping containers.
Graduate student Thomas Ferrin was appointed second horn with Opera Colorado, and senior performance major Malcolm McLean (fourth horn, Greeley Philharmonic) won the substitute pool audition for the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.
Malcolm McLean, Consultant at Barnett Waddingham, said he feared the move had come too late.
In 1968, a former trucker and businessmen from North Carolina, Malcolm McLean, was in trouble.
APARTICK THISTLE have signed six kids - James Wightman, David Brown, Aaron Sekhon, Malcolm McLean, David Wilson and Jonathon Black - on two-year Modern Apprentice scheme deals.
Pensions consultant Malcolm McLean said an annual charge of 1.5% may not sound high, but the fees grow as the fund gets bigger.
2 Featuring archive footage and interviews with dockers, seafarers and logisticians, as well as the man lauded as the inventor of the cargo box, North Carolinian trucker Malcolm McLean, the film explores the changes made to ports in London and in Liverpool.
Malcolm McLean, of the Pensions Advisory Service, said: "My concern is people think the default fund has been recommended to them and that it's appropriate for them personally.
"The first container voyage using standardised steel boxes on April 26, 1956, initiated by entrepreneur Malcolm McLean, began another commercial revolution leading to fantastic efficiencies, compared to loading loose cargoes in nets by crane.