Cheek Augmentation

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A cosmetic facial contouring procedure using either synthetics or biologicals to increase malar/cheek bone prominence—‘high cheekbones’—and balance an otherwise less defined face

Formats Surgical implantation of solid devices made of silicone or porex, usually performed through an incision in the mouth, but also via the lower eyelid or temple. Less invasive methods of cheek augmentation include injection of filler material
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Complications of cosmetic malar augmentation are uncommon.
Among these techniques are intense pulsed light, chemical peels, injectable fillers, endoscopic forehead rejuvenation, and transconjunctival sub-periosteal cheek lift without malar augmentation. Other sections are devoted to perioral rejuvenation and complementary treatment modalities, considering such topics as defining the principles of perioral rejuvenation, and traditional Chinese medicine's approach to facial beauty.