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An aquatic lily, the seeds and fruit of which are analgesic, astringent, nutrient, and tonic; it is used for premature ageing, arthritis, impotence, leukorrhoea, neuralgia, nocturnal emissions
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The singer who recently composed a song for Sidharth Malhotra starrer 'Marjaavaan', has courted a new controversy for his song 'Makhana.'
From paneer makhana to Amristarimacchi, from tandoori gobi to goshtroganjosh, every dish is an exceptional mix of spices and different cooking techniques.
Also,18-year-old girl Misbah,wife of Amanullah,was preparing food in her parent's house in Mauza Makhana when fire erupted due to gas leakage.As a result, she received severe burn injuries and was shifted to Allied Hospital Faisalabad where she breathed her last.
Warming up now, I persisted, "What about makhana? (foxnut; super healthy)".
Among the topics are the chickpea crop, groundnut, nutritional disorders of citrus, recent developments in the diagnosis and management of major diseases of onion and garlic in India, the rose crop, makhana, jute and sunhemp crops, mesta pathosystems, and characterizing species and parasitism in the genus Alternaria.
You can also satiate your sweet tooth with makhana kheer and fruit yogurt, which do not hurt your waistline.
Diners can choose the vegetarian or non-vegetarian option which features starters like moong dal pakori (a fried lentil snack), mains such as Angoori kofta curry, mutter makhana korma, as well as traditional Indian sweets.
in Chinese) are quite versatile, and can be eaten raw or dried and popped like popcorn, phool makhana. They can also be boiled until soft and made into a paste, or boiled with dried longans and rock sugar to make a tong sui (sweet soup).
Samples of food such as Corn, Wheat, Wheat Flour, White Rice, Brown Rice, Super Basmati, Super Kernal Rice, Red Chilli, Pistachio, Cornflakes, Figs, Haldi, Garam Masala, Peanut, Kalwangi, Makhana and Dates were selected for the present study.
- Subz miloni tart, summer cucumber, roast makhana brittles
LIZ Hurley has nicknamed her lover Arun Nayar "mera chan makhana" - my butter moon - after taking lessons in Hindi.