Environmental Protection Agency

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),

n.pr a federal agency charged with the approval and overseeing of the use and disposal of hazardous materials. Workplace management of hazardous materials falls under the jurisdiction of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
EPA registered,
adj indicates that an object or substance has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.
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Major Developments include applications for developments of 50 or more homes, as well as certain waste, water, transport and energy-related developments, larger retail developments, and other types of Major Developments.
This seems like a very insensitive time for Lord Falconer to suggest that a Parliament which does the UK Government's bidding is the right place to make decisions on major developments in Wales.
The overall average decision time for Major Developments in quarter 4 of 2015/16 is the quickest quarterly figure since 2012/13.
David Collier, who was brought up on a farm in Penkridge, said his experience would help him deal with any major developments such as proposals to site a giant airport in Warwickshire.
Miller takes office as the city faces an array of major developments on the horizon.
It will shed light on major developments and view the new ideas and initiatives, as well as encouraging cooperation among all concerned agencies.
Are there any major developments you are anticipating among companies in your coverage looking ahead?

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