Major Air Pollutant

A main pollutant of ambient air, i.e., carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, ozone, particulate matter, sulphur dioxide and, where it is not tightly regulated, lead
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Figures 2 shows correlation coefficients (r) between the monthly respiratory diseases (rd), the major air pollutant ([PM.
The sustainability of our future depends that how quickly and effectively we get control on the harmful effects of PM which has emerged as a major air pollutant.
5 from the coal dust as a major air pollutant and health hazard.
Burning fuel with sulphur produces sulphur dioxide, a major air pollutant.
Sulfur dioxide is a major air pollutant near large cities.
China said yesterday that its efforts to improve the environment were starting to show results, after emissions of a major air pollutant fell.
1 : a triatomic, very reactive form of oxygen that is a bluish irritating gas of pungent Odor, that is formed naturally in the atmosphere by a photochemical reaction and is a major air pollutant in the lower atmosphere, but a beneficial component of the upper atmosphere, and that is used for oxidizing, bleaching, disinfecting and deodorizing 2 : pure and refreshing air <relished the ozone of morning>
The team's diagnosis: acid soil conditions leading to nutritional imbalance (magnesium deficiency and manganese toxicity), along with ozone - a major air pollutant.
Carbon is a major air pollutant, and air pollution is a costly problem in many urban areas of the United States, contributing to lung, throat, and eye irritation; respiratory and heart disease; and cancer.
It is crucial for operators to control NOx emissions because not only is NOx a major air pollutant by itself, but it also reacts in the atmosphere to form ozonethe primary constituent of smog and acid rain.
Air quality in major urban areas is getting better, not worse; ozone (the bad kind), a major air pollutant, has gone down 40 percent since 1970 in Los Angeles, even as the car population has tripled.
Each state is required by federal Clean Air Act to develop a plan for achieving and maintaining federal air quality standards for ozone, a major air pollutant.
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