Domenico, Italian dermatologist, 1849-1929. See: Majocchi granulomas.
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The delocalization process was mainly based on 'vertical investments' (Majocchi, 2000) through which district firms have migrated along with their suppliers and trustful collaborators searching to reduce the risk of losing crucial sources of 'tacit knowledge' and accumulated competences embodied in skilled workers and managers (Sammarra and Belussi, 2006).
These types of agglomerations are called industry clusters in many studies and they are important for local start-ups as well as in the context of IB because they attract foreign investors (Birkinshaw and Hood 2000; Majocchi and Presutti 2009).
Majocchi's granuloma has been described in the literature in both immunocompetent and immunocompromised patients.
Tinea imbricata, tinea faciei, tinea incognito and Majocchi's granuloma are some of the variations in tinea corporis.
Also, our patient had a few erythematous papular lesions, and the presence of papules in addition to scaling rings is typical of fungal infections involving hair follicles (Majocchi's granuloma).
El hongo no prolifera en la dermis pero es secuestrado en forma pasiva y persiste durante un periodo prolongado de tiempo (granuloma de Majocchi).