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JAZZ: Liverpooljazz present their regular showcase tonight, with house band New Horizons playing contemporary and mainstream jazz featuring well known standards and works by North West composers.
NEW York sax and flute player Carol Sudhalter first met her rhythm section yesterday lunchtime; they in turn had first met on Sunday but it turned out to be a match made in musical heaven producing sublime mainstream jazz.
The entertainment in the Market Place this Saturday, August 19, will be by Maine Street Jazzmen with a programme of traditional and mainstream jazz.
Alto saxophonist Phil Woods, by contrast, has stayed quite consistently true to his bebop roots, and remains one of the most consistently enjoyable mainstream jazz musicians on the current scene.
The tenor saxophone is the quintessential voice of swing era and mainstream jazz and the playing of Scott Hamilton reminds us why.
SPICY JAZZ has been playing the best mainstream jazz for miles around since about 1976.
In what is believed unprecedented in the recording industry, the independent Wind Tunnel MultiMedia label is simultaneously releasing two separate new "Gabriel" CDs today in the US to contemporary and mainstream jazz formats.
Willie Garnett is joined by The John Gibbon Trio for a concert of mainstream jazz.
And if that isn't a top notch, mainstream jazz festival I don't know what is.
Almost equally impressive were Roger Heely on piano and Brian Casson on trombone, but everyone contributed to this fine session of mainstream jazz.
For almost twenty years he avoided the mainstream jazz scene, but edged back onto the club circuit in 1996.
At the last Knitting Factory festival, they moved towards mainstream jazz, which is unfortunate, because I always thought experimental music was their raison d'etre.