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What if there was room in the mainstream jazz histories for "conversion" stories, such as this one from Vi Wilson:
You go here with a date, or a buddy, and drink at a slow pace to enjoy the music playing on a record player-we hear mainstream jazz, pianist Alex Hill, upon arrival.
The once-bebop purists have now turned their attention to earlier jazz styles.| The Hot 6 perform the kind of jazz that really swings, playing everything from New Orleans through the Tin Pan Alley classics and the swing era, to mainstream jazz recalling the classic small groups of the 1930s.
THE last weekend in July is becoming renowned for a special mainstream jazz gathering in particularly picturesque surroundings.
The goal of the festival has always been the same: the introduction of music, on as large a scale as possible, starting with avant-garde and ending with mainstream jazz, including the more interesting styles of world music and blues.
House band New Horizons play contemporary and mainstream jazz featuring well-known standards and works by North West composers.
For the mainstream jazz fan, get out to Lichfield where Alan Skidmore, one of the greatest British saxophonists, is playing at the Garrick Theatre.
Mike praised his wife's almost encyclopaedic knowledge of modern and mainstream jazz and said she was easily able of distinguish the styles of the various legendary jazz figures.
He'd formed his own quintet by the early 1980s and, as a young fogey, caused quite a stir and raised eyebrows with his virtuoso grasp of vintage mainstream jazz.
Born in Birmingham, Alabama, he first attracted attention as a mainstream jazz pianist and arranger in Chicago during the late 1940s.
An evening of relaxed modern and mainstream jazz, with guest performances from Liverpool vocalist SuEyo and students from Myriad jazz Project.