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 [] (Fr.)
main en griffe [man-ong-grēf´] clawhand.


Alfred, U.S. pediatrician, 1868-1949. See: Hand-Schüller-Christian disease.


(hand), [TA]
The portion of the upper limb distal to the radiocarpal joint, comprising the wrist, palm, and fingers.
Synonym(s): manus [TA], main
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Operation and maintenance costs for water main are estimated at $900 per mile and $2,000 per year for the road rehabilitation.
Through industry research, Dane County found LMK's Lined Main Tap (LMT) Process; a system for restoring the main lateral connection by connecting the new lateral pipe directly to the main pipe liner for a structural and verifiable non-leaking connection.
Design water main and casing, including connection to buried water mains at each end of
The project includes for the installation of approximately 4,000m of new 180mm OD rising main and approximately 1,200m of new interconnecting main.
Invitation To Bid: 2014 miscellaneous gas main replacement
This is accomplished by replacing deteriorating segments of water mains before they break which will necessitate costly repairs and the experience of significant water loss with associated water consumption costs.
Description and Justification:The existing 6" main along the northern end of Crawford St does not have the capacity to provide the estimated needed fire flow.
'Based on the audit analysis, the vacancy of 38 unrented units at Bazaar MAINS had financial implications on MAINS and MHSB whereby MAINS may have lost rental revenue totalling RM235,017 or 26.3 per cent,' the report said.
Inspection Guidelines for Wastewater Force Mains that covers the latest methods and technologies for inspecting force mains and provides practical guidance for system operators in addressing this important task.
Ocean Springs Main Street 1000 Washington Ave., Ocean Springs, MS 39564
Main Street made its initial investment in AST in May 2005 to support growth initiatives at the company.
In the main gallery a large window, framing a view of the town hall square, replaced the original main entrance; and a new entrance was created in an adjoining lodge.