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Abbreviation for medical examiner.


Symbol for methyl.
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1. also Me. Maine
a. mechanical engineer
b. mechanical engineering
3. medical examiner
4. Middle English
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chronic fatigue syndrome

A condition resembling poliomyelitis, which was first described in the mid-1980s in California, often following viral infections (e.g., herpes, hepatitis, CMV) or which may be induced by an unrecognised virus. CFS is defined by a new onset (not lifelong) of unexplained, persistent fatigue unrelated to exertion and not substantially relieved by rest, which causes a significant reduction in previous activity levels. While CFS had been associated with EBV infection, more than half of those with the CFS improve without a change in EBV titers.

Unknown, psychosocial dysfunction has been implicated.
Clinical findings
Unexplained persistent fatigue, inability to concentrate, weakness, lymphadenopathy and malaise, severe headache, myalgia, myasthenia, variable cranial and peripheral nerve dysfunction and depression.

None; alleged reported cures are thought to be due to placebo response or spontaneous remission; recuperation requires up to a year.

Chronic Fatigue syndrome symptoms
Four or more of the following symptoms that last six months or longer:
• Impaired memory or concentration;
• Post-exertional malaise, where physical or mental exertion bring on extreme, prolonged exhaustion and sickness.
• Unrefreshing sleep.
• Myalgia.
• Arthalgias.
• Headaches of a new kind or greater severity.
• Sore throat, frequent or recurring.
• Tender lymph nodes (cervical or axillary).
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Abbreviation for medical examiner;
myalgic encephalomyelitis.
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Abbreviation for medical examiner.
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