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 [] (Fr.)
main en griffe [man-ong-grēf´] clawhand.
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Alfred, U.S. pediatrician, 1868-1949. See: Hand-Schüller-Christian disease.


(hand), [TA]
The portion of the upper limb distal to the radiocarpal joint, comprising the wrist, palm, and fingers.
Synonym(s): manus [TA], main
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The 250-kilogram (550-pound) bomb was discovered in Frankfurt's Main River, a tributary of the Rhine, on Friday.
The farmers in Isfahan have been hit specially hard and say water has been diverted from the province's main river to neighboring Yazd Province.
'Yesterday, the SAR (search and rescue) team could not cross the main river because of the high water level and swift current,' he said, adding that the SAR operation resumed this morning.
He said the government has identified 65 main river navigation routes that are essential for passenger and freight transportation within Bangladesh.
In his speech during the event held in the presence of political figures, the minister explained that the project was of the most important plans carried out with the World Bank, because it brought together all ministries around same goal: the fight against pollution of Qaraoun - built on the Litani River, the country's main river artery.
On the Tyne system reports indicate good numbers of salmon and sea-trout running up the main river and into the South and North Tyne.
Which main river of the Isle of Wight shares its name with an Asian city?
Officers have identified the source of the pollution in the Cwm Beth tributary, but the oil has since worked its way downstream to affect the main River Usk.
In this regard, there are two types of watercourse - main river and ordinary watercourses.
The dripping jungle envelops your spot: A the edge of the main river channel.
The victims' petition states that the UN and MINUSTAH are liable for hundreds of millions of dollars for: 1) failing to adequately screen and treat peacekeeping soldiers arriving from countries experiencing cholera epidemics; 2) dumping untreated waste from a UN base directly into a tributary of Haiti's longest and main river, the Artibonite; and 3) failing to adequately respond to the epidemic.