Mail Call

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A message announced over a hospital’s public address system indicating the need for staff help to restrain a strong child/person
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We are delighted to be adding Mail Call Couriers to Aramex's global network," said Hussein Hachem, chief executive officer of Aramex.
Emma Cronin, Joint Managing Director of Mail Call Couriers said: "We are very proud of the business we founded and have built up over 32 years.
Hussain Hachem, Aramex chief executive, said in an emailed statement to Gulf News that "there will be no job cuts" at Mail Call Couriers.
And when you never get that letter or package, you don't even bother showing up for mail call anymore.
The Mail Call Postal is second at 7-3 with TO Express third at 6-5.
Thursday/D2 - Weasels 2-0; Amgen Softball Club 2-0; Mail Call 1-1; Extremely Thirsty 0-1-1; Barking Spiders 0-1-1; Hammerheads 0-2.