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Rudolf, German physician, 1824-1888. See: Maier sinus.
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Defender of the national football team of Kyrgyzstan Viktor Maier, member of SC Wiedenbruck 2000, will miss the matches against Myanmar and India due to trauma, his club said.
Maier had attacked Noah Becker after a magazine interview in which he complained about being the "eternal son" of a famous father and claimed he had been attacked in Berlin because of his skin colour.
Vivian Maier took thousands of photos, but showed them to no one.
PORR AG announces that Christian Benedict Maier has resigned as Chief Financial Officer of PORR AG, effective 31 December 2017.
Maier (professor emeritus of ancient history, western Michigan University) and R.
Since joining Bottega Veneta as creative director 15 years ago, the German designer Tomas Maier has shepherded the Italian luxury-goods house into a rarified position in the industry, largely through his penchant for moderation and discretion.
That was a major takeaway of a recent keynote address given by Henry Maier, president and CEO of FedEx Ground during the University of Rhode Island's Supply Chain Management Forum.
Maier presents students, academics, and researchers with a multi-lingual collection of invited papers presented at the twenty-first Congress of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament held in August of 2013 in Munich, Germany.
Dubai: Bernhard Maier, Member of the Executive Board Sales and Marketing of Porsche AG, visited the new AED144 million Porsche Centre Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road last week.
With the appointment, Maier will lead C&L's new engineering services division expanding the company's overall capabilities and becoming a full-service provider for its customers.
Maier (1962-2009) took tens of thousands of photographs while working as a nanny; she famously left behind a defaulted storage unit that included some prints and many more rolls of film that are now at the center of a debate between two different caretakers.
This prurient statement lodged into my brain with the surprise and discomfort of a shiv as I watched two recently released documentaries, Women Aren't Funny and Finding Vivian Maier.