Mahonia aquifolium

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Mahonia aquifolium,

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The Relieva[TM] cream, lotion and shampoo products were developed by scientists at IGI using the Novasome[R] technology to encapsulate and deliver Mahonia Aquifolium (Psorberine) to Psoriatic plaque.
The monographs are focused on 'important' poisonous and mind altering plants, which include the commonly used Hypericum perforatum, Aesclus hippocastinum, Mahonia aquifolium, Piper methisticum and Berberis vulgaris.
Mahonia aquifolium (Oregon Grape) types are much later flowering, not producing their displays until late winter.
An ointment containing extracts from Mahonia aquifolium, Viola tricolor and Centella asiatica has previously been studied in open uncontrolled trials with children.
Mahonia aquifolium has hanging clusters of yellow and sweetly perfumed flowers and Mahonia x media 'Charity' also offers a gorgeous, perfumed winter display.