Maharishi Ayur-Ved

Maharishi Ayur-Ved™

Fringe medicine
A proprietary system that incorporates transcendental meditation into the practice of ayurvedic medicine. Maharashi Ayur-Ved™ is regarded as similar to traditional ayurvedic medicine; in Maharashi Ayur-Ved™, treatment requires analysis of a person’s behaviour, consciousness, environment and physiology, using herbs, diet, massage and hatha yoga to promote healing. The system is believed to be effective for anxiety, arthritis, emotional lability, gastrointestinal complaints, headaches, hypertension, insomnia, obesity and other conditions, as well as for rejuvenation and increasing longevity.
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He also notes that his company, Maharishi Ayur-Ved Products, headquartered in Colorado Springs, will soon market a multiherbal product (only through healthcare professionals) called "ReGen-Nerve." One of the herbs is derived from a plant called Mimosa pudica (common name: the "sensitive" or "touch-me-not" plant).
Rama Kent Mishra, Director of Research, Maharishi Ayur-Ved Products (; and Cary Valentine, Rocky Mountain Ayurvedic Health Retreat, (800) 247-9654.

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