Maharishi Amrit Kalash

Maharishi Amrit Kalash™

Fringe medicine
A herbal formulation containing Amrit nectar, or M4 (composed of herbs, fruit, ghee and sugar), and Ambrosia, or M5 (herbal tablets), which is marketed by Maharashi Ayur-Ved™ Products as an antioxidant .

Maharishi Amrit Kalash (MAK) (mä·hä·rēˑ·shē äm·rēt kä·läsh),

n an Ayurvedic herbal mixture that is a commonly used antioxidant estimated to be 1000 times more effective in fighting free radicals than vitamins E and C. See also rasayanas.
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The herbal concoction known as maharishi amrit kalash, derived from ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine, showed significant benefit in preventing chemotherapy-induced anorexia and vomiting as well as in preservation of functional status, according to Dr.
They were randomized to also receive daily oral maharishi amrit kalash or to not receive it.
The relative risk of anorexia was 72%80% in controls, but this rate was reduced by 36% in patients who received maharishi amrit kalash.

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