Ivan, 20th-century cardiologist, 1897-1965. See: Mahaim fibers.
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Schalij et al., "Development of the right ventricular inflow tract and moderator band: a possible morphological and functional explanation for Mahaim tachycardia," Circulation Research, vol.
There were 2 Mahaim and idiopathic ventricular tachycardia (ILVT) 15, normal studies were 9 (Table 1).
Eat it?" asked user ( Mahaim Saud .
Mahaim yollari aksesuvar yollarin yaklasik %3'unu olusturur.
Mahaim aksesuvar yol aracili atriyoventrikuler yeniden giris tasikardisi icin trikuspit anulusun sag lateral bolgesinde, Mahaim aksesuvar yol potansiyelinin oldugu bolgeye, radyofrekans uygulandi ve basarili ablasyon saglandi.
Many of the subjects of these announcement were involved with the Royal Economic Society: Milner was one of the Vice-Presidents, Nicholson was a member of the Council from the beginning, Ashley a Vice-President, Lehfeldt the correspondent for South Africa, Bernis for many years the correspondent for Spain, Foxwell an Honorary Secretary of the Society, Mahaim a correspondent for Belgium and Coyajee a correspondent for India.
Varias anomalias estructurales se han propuesto como la base posible para LGL, incluyendo la presencia de las Fibras de James, de las fibras de Mahaim, de Brechenmacher y de un nodo sinusal anatomico subdesarrollado (hipoplasico).
Ivan Mahaim believes that the numeral '4' which appears at the beginning of a new line in the conversation book after the words 'all of us' could be a response to Beethoven's inquiring about how many times the quartet had been played through in its entirety prior to the premiere of 6 March.(32) This seems highly speculative.
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