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mahad (m·hädˑ),

n in Ayurvedic philosophy, the “cosmic intellect,” from which is derived the substance of the universe.
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Islamic teacher Abdulharim Ambor of the Mahad Al Nor in Ceanuri Village here made the appeal after a group of Christian evangelists distributed Bibles to about 300 evacuee families.
Raigad, Maharashtra: At least two buses and several other vehicles went missing near Mahad city after a bridge on the Savitri river collapsed early Wednesday due to torrential rains in the Konkan region.
David Belle, a driver for the firm, hit father-of-five Abdul Mahad, who was on a bike.
KARACHI -- Unseeded Ali Imran pulled off a shock in the first round of Independence Day Squash Tournament by berating second seed Mahad Javed 3-1 here at the PSF Jahangir Khan Squash Complex at the National Coaching Center on Wednesday.
The meeting was attended by Sheikh Salim bin Suhail bin Mahad al-Ma'ashani, Head of the Arab Maghreb Department at the Foreign Ministry and Mohammed Yousefi, ambassador of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria to the Sultanate.
The court heard Mr Musa was "poleaxed" with the bar by his friend Mohamoud Mahad, who then fled to Canada.
The court heard that Mr Musa was "poleaxed" with the bar by his friend Mohamoud Mahad.
In pre-finals, Waqas will face up with third seed Sheikh Saqib, who thrashed Mahad Javed by 11-9, 11-6, 11-5 score.
An inquest in Cardiff this week recorded an unlawful killing verdict and heard Mr Mahad fled to either Kenya or Canada.