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Rudolph, German physiologist, 1873-1927. See: Magnus sign.


(mag'nŭs), This form of the adjective is used only with masculine nouns (adductor magnus, plural adductores magni). With feminine nouns the form magna is used (cisterna magna, plural cisternae magnae), and with neuter nouns the form magnum (foramen magnum, plural foramina magna).
Large; great; denoting a structure of large size.
References in classic literature ?
Magnus, 'I never knew anything like these extraordinary coincidences.
Peter Magnus drew their chairs up to the fire, and having ordered a bottle of the worst possible port wine, at the highest possible price, for the good of the house, drank brandy-and-water for their own.
Peter Magnus was naturally of a very communicative disposition, and the brandy-and-water operated with wonderful effect in warming into life the deepest hidden secrets of his bosom.
Peter Magnus, 'but partly wrong at the same time; try again, Mr.
Peter Magnus, with a bashful titter, 'what should you think, Mr.
Magnus took off his spectacles, on purpose to wink, and then put them on again.
Peter Magnus remained a few moments apparently absorbed in contemplation.
Peter Magnus, 'not a word more; it's a painful subject.
Peter Magnus rang the bell for the chambermaid; and the striped bag, the red bag, the leathern hat-box, and the brown-paper parcel, having been conveyed to his bedroom, he retired in company with a japanned candlestick, to one side of the house, while Mr.
Almost as he spoke a special train with one carriage took the curve of the line on their left, and, stopping, disgorged another group of policemen, in whose midst was the hangdog visage of Magnus, the absconded servant.
I'll give you practical evidence," cut in Magnus, in his hacking accent.
And as a company that gives priority to social responsibility, Mohammed added that Magnus believes in developing products that not only meet technological requirements, but also address the health risks associated with it.