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Size or extent.
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According to Bratt, the completed seismic network will detect quakes and blasts of magnitude 4.
0 magnitude unit better than the prototype international seismic monitoring system, says Gregory van der Vink of the Arlington-based Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS), a consortium of U.
Person says his staff balances the need for timelines with the desire to report moment magnitudes, which take an hour or two to compute.
The question of labeling these magnitudes as 'Richter scale' is a matter of tradition, semantics, and personal perspective.
Capellix -- a SAN switch qualified by XIOtech for up to 120-kilometer remote data replication -- allows the MAGNITUDE virtualized storage system to deliver high port scalability and price/performance with heterogeneous hosts within the SAN.
The combination of the Capellix switch, XIOtech's MAGNITUDE SAN with its new XIOtech REDI SAN Links Replicator software, and Finisar's FLX-2000 Optical Links Extender now delivers synchronous remote data replication at distances of up to 120 kilometers -- an unprecedented distance in an industry long restricted by geographic limitations in SAN configurations.
Lyle Myers, system coordinator for Nahan Printing, a XIOtech customer, said, "We were amazed at the adaptability of the XIOtech MAGNITUDE to the new 50GB disk drives.
By adding 50GB disk drives to their systems, current owners of the MAGNITUDE are able to automatically increase their total storage capacity and network performance.
The minimum magnitudes of seismic waves that could be detected assume a 90 percent confidence level.
Photo: Using a simple model, Evernden predicted the amplitudes and magnitudes of different seismic waves generated by earthquakes and explosions (left).
XIOtech Corporation, a storage networking innovator, today announced that Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has validated the cost savings and return on investment (ROI) provided by Magnitude 3D(TM).
Magnitude 3D, launched in August 2003, applies the proven benefits of clustered computing to SANs, delivering unmatched resilience, responsiveness, and scalability, while eliminating the complexity traditionally associated with clustered architectures.