Magnificent Seven

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A popular term for G protein-coupled membrane receptors of the same gene family, so named as all span the cell membrane 7 times.
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In contrast, the Magnificent Seven group has been consistently critical of Mr.
The movie legends, filming hit western The Magnificent Seven, were set upon by the brothel's bouncers when they couldn't pay for the girls.
Summary: American actor was known as one of the original Magnificent Seven
The Magnificent Seven is a remake of the 1960s Western of the same name, which in turn was a remake of the Japanese 1954 epic Seven Samurai.
I'm sure the Magnificent Seven will stand alone - it will never be repeated," smiles the 45-year-old.
also showing THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (12A) THE year is 1879 and the scars of the American Civil War are yet to heal.
I WENT to see The Magnificent Seven the other night and was furious - not a mention of Frankie Dettori all night.
I heard about The Magnificent Seven before I knew who was in it, and had trouble thinking of actors who could plausibly play the seven mercenaries hired to defend a Wild West farming town; action heroes and professional tough guys are thin on the ground nowadays, Jason Statham being the notable exception.
THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (12A) TOWARDS the bullet-riddled conclusion of director Antoine Fuqua's stylish western remake, a voiceover dreamily recalls the selfsacrifice and heroism of seven righteous men, who laid down their lives for a town in jeopardy.
The Magnificent Seven (2016)--in cinemas on Friday, Sept.
The cheeky but square, dutifully manufactured, ultimately uninspired remake of "The Magnificent Seven," which kicked off the Toronto Film Festival, points to a deeper reason why remakes often don't pan out: The appeal of the original tends to be rooted in the way it expresses something of its era, so trying to recapture what made it winning is a fool's game.
Even as the gambling addict cowboy Josh Farraday in the new movie "The Magnificent Seven," Pratt is absolutely adorable.