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Coupled with existing wireless-sensor technology, which was also developed at UCLA, the MEMS magnetometers could be scattered by airdrop, inserted by artillery, or individually positioned to provide tactical information.
on July 8, 1986, two of the nearby USGS magnetometers recorded drops in the magnetic field strength.
mPhase Technologies' innovative magnetometer designs exhibit a level of sensitivity unparalleled by commercial magnetometers.
are revolutionizing the nanotechnology category with such cutting-edge products such as the Smart Nanobattery and ultra-sensitive magnetometer.
The combination of the sensitivity of the company's magnetometer and the long shelf life of its Smart Nanobattery will enable inexpensive networks of sensors potentially able to detect bombs, metal guns and other masses of magnetic metals.
We have already produced a single-axis integrated MEMS magnetometer prototype, and envision a monolithic three-axis ultra-sensitive device to yield a very small footprint," Lifton says.
mPhase Technologies (OTCBB:XDSL) will exhibit its first stage prototype of a planned triple axis ultra-sensitive magnetometer at Technology Review's Emerging Technologies Conference (ETC) at MIT, September 27-28.
In laboratory tests the device, called a magnetometer, has already demonstrated very high sensitivity to the presence of a magnetic object simulating a rifle more than 30 feet away.
The magnetometers are used for absolute heading determination with reference to local magnetic north, where the heading is derived from the horizontal force of the magnetic field.
The Melexis MLX90393 magnetometer and EVB90393 evaluation board, available from Mouser Electronics, accurately measure changes in magnetic flux density along the X, Y, and Z axes using the Hall coefficient and Melexis' patented Triaxis technology.
In particular, the instrumentation comprises a fluxgate magnetometer FGE--Danish Meteorological Institute and a fluxgate vector magnetometer Geomag M390 as well as an Overhauser effect magnetometers GSM90.