magnetic resonance angiography

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MR an·gi·og·ra·phy (MRA),

imaging of blood vessels using special magnetic resonance (MR) sequences that enhance the signal of flowing blood and suppress that from other tissues.

magnetic resonance angiography

the use of special MR imaging pulses to visualize the vascular system and identify regions of nonflowing blood. It may be performed with or without contrast agents.
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Magnetic resonance angiography

magnetic resonance angiography

A term for the magnetic resonance imaging of selected vascular structures—e.g., circle of Willis or the carotid arteries.

magnetic resonance angiography

Peripheral MR angiography Imaging An imaging technique in which a contrast dye is injected into a blood vessel and magnetic resonance is used to create an image of the flowing blood through the vessel; often used to detect stenosis of the cerebral arteries. See Contrast enhanced method–MRI, Phase contrast method–MRI, Time-of-flight method.

mag·net·ic res·o·nance an·gi·og·ra·phy

(MRA) (mag-net'ik rez'ŏ-năns an'jē-og'ră-fē)
Method of visualizing vessels that contain flowing nuclei by producing a contrast between them and the stationary nuclei.

Magnetic resonance angiography

A noninvasive diagnostic technique that uses radio waves to map the internal anatomy of the blood vessels.
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