ferric oxide

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fer·ric ox·ide

(fer'ik oks'īd),
A compound used as a coloring material.
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At one point, Welch came to Herbert Hard with the idea of dyeing the magnetic oxide coating green in the spirit of the Irish clover.
Topics covered include: the synthesis, unique properties and application of magnetic oxide nanomaterials; high permeability and saturation magnetization of certain Mn-Zn Ferrites; synthesis and properties of M-type and Y-type hexaferrites; hydrodermal synthesis, characterization and properties of superparamagnetic iron oxide nonoparticles; theory and application of spin-torque nano-oscillator; ferroelectric superlattices with polarization perpendicular to the interface surface within the context of Landau-Ginzburg Theory; properties and an application of Ni doped Co-Zn nanoferrites; flexoelectricity in nanocscale dielectrics; and ferroelectric materials for high temperature piezoelectric applications.
Dilute magnetic oxide semiconductors (DMS) are a class of materials in which a fraction of ions are magnetic.
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Diluted magnetic oxide semiconductors (DMOSs) have gained much attention recently due to the possibility to control spin and charge simultaneously for future spintronics [1, 2].
These new properties of the magnetic oxides have been rapidly adapted in the electronic industry, which requires magnetic materials with dielectric properties for inductors, memory storage, microwaves antireflection coatings and so on.