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an object having polarity (oppositely charged ends) and capable of attracting iron.
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The property of mutual attraction or repulsion possessed by magnets.
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(mag'ne-tizm) [Gr. magnes, magnet, + -ismos, condition]
The property of repulsion and attraction of certain substances that have magnetic properties.
See: magnet
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Patient discussion about magnetism

Q. who much cost the resonance magnetic machine? new or used

A. here is a company that you can even get a MRI scanner in a leasing program:

Q. hey guys! has anyone ever tried a chinese magnet to help a diet?? Somwone I know who is a chinse medicine healer, gave me a special magnet you stick to the right thumb of your hand to help evoid snack attacks. Did you ever hear anything about it?? did iot help anyone??

A. i tried magnets. not to dieting but magnets to the feet. supposed to help in giving energy while walking (i hike a lot). couldn't say i felt a big difference, but i only tried it for a day- so i don't know...

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One topic that has sustained interest over the years, t hough, is the magnetic ordering that occurs in superconductors (4-7), and we will present some examples below.
The effects of magnetic impurities and the possibility of magnetic ordering in superconductors have had a rich and interesting history, and neutrons have played an essential role in determining the nature of the magnetic order since the Meissner screening of the superconducting electrons masks the magnetism from most probes.
Powder diffraction at BT-l was used to elucidate the phase separation, structure, and magnetic ordering of these compounds.
For magnetic fields in the ab-plane, the different [S.sub.z] levels mix together, the spin gap never closes, and no magnetic ordering occurs for any field.
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