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mag·ne·si·um ox·ide

an antacid and laxative.
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(mag-ne'sh-a, 'zha) [L. magnesia, fr Gr. magnesia (lithos), the (stone) from Magnesia, a region of ancient Thessaly]
MgO, magnesium oxide.

calcined magnesia

Magnesium oxide.

light magnesia

Magnesium oxide.
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A Dermosol with a dystrophic great group was reclassified as a Typic" Kanhapludult, two Dermosols with a mesotrophic great group were reclassified as Dystrudepts, and three Dermosols with magnesic great groups were reclassified as Udults.
Samples were collected in north-eastern France (Lorraine Region), from the ploughed horizon (0-20 cm) of 4 soils: a Luvisol (Luv), 2 calcaric Cambisols (Calc1 and Calc2), and a magnesic Cambisol on serpentine (Serp).
(1986) concluded that the enhanced clay dispersion in high magnesic sodic soil is related to the radius and hydration energy of Mg ion compared with Ca.