Valentin J.J., Paris psychiatrist, 1835-1916. See: Magnan trombone movement, Magnan sign.
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Timetables / subscribers in the perimeter of the semiacs: Arenas, Les bosquets, Magnan, Palace of the mediterranean, Saint-roch.
The role of comorbidities in diabetes care cannot be overlooked as over 80 percent of patients with diabetes have multiple chronic conditions (diabetes plus at least one comorbid condition) (Bae and Rosenthal 2008; Magnan et al.
Also included are Eugene Geinzer, professor at the Beijing Center for Chinese Studies; Oscar Magnan, professor of art at St.
The ordinal nature of the scale, however, precludes calculation of means and standard deviations based on inherent measurement limitations (Lipovetsky, Magnan and Polzi, 2011).
L'emblematique capitaine des Lions indomptables, surnomme [beaucoup moins que] Magnan [beaucoup plus grand que], detient le record de participations a la Coupe d'Afrique des nations : 8 au total, avec 36 matchs a la cle.
Usar a Internet como plataforma de divulgacao e uma alternativa de baixo custo, capaz de atingir os diversos publicos de interesse (CORMIER; LEDOUX; MAGNAN, 2009; NAUDE et al, 2004).
The first approach that influenced the development of the Tune-up, the "one-minute paper" (see Magnan, 1991, for a description), was an excellent approach to use in my face-to-face (F2F) classes, but not in my online ones, particularly those taught asynchronously.
Seven nights at an Adagio Access Nice Magnan apartment, no flights, is from PS270.
Human urothelial cells were extracted from a human urothelial tissue as described by Magnan and colleagues.
Tambien cabe mencionar la paradojica formulacion de los franceses Magnan y Legrain sobre la existencia de un tipo de "degeneres superieurs" (19 y ss.
Magnan argues in a 2007 article that an approach to L2 learning focused around social influences and toward social objectives would call for a reversal of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) pedagogy, whereby language learning would be first situated in wider communities which support learners through co-constructive relationships, creating a looser interpretation of the classroom so that students "could reach into the target communities and contribute actively to meaningful exchanges there" (251).
1979; Magnan and Fitzgerald, 1984) most reported diet studies are based on fish collected during the day (Reed, 1971; Mendelson, 1975; Johnson, 1981; Pappantoniou et al.