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Ivan Whiteside, British anesthesiologist, 1888-1975. See: Magill forceps.
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He claimed he was being misquoted and that his comments, published in Magill magazine, were taken out of context and he has always worked to protect children.
THE publishers of Magill Magazine found themselves in something of a quandary last Tuesday evening as they prepared to announce the Politician of the Year Awards in Dublin's Buswells Hotel.
Of course he's dealing with stereotypes, of course he's dealing in a stage Irish mode," he told Magill Magazine, "but it seems to me that he's the first writer of his generation where these stereotypes can be played with in an almost innocent way.
While the writer, whose B&B reviews feature in Magill magazine, is feared by hotel owners she is often praised by staff.
In a posting on his website, Mr Norris said: "I was the subject of a profile in Magill Magazine conducted by restaurant critic and columnist Helen Lucy Burke in 2002.
A libel action by Mary Harney against Magill magazine was another blow and celebrity based white elephant WHO magazine put the boot right in to Hoson, ending Hogan's publishing career.
Speaking to Magill magazine, the Taoiseach admitted scanning every newspaper for something worthwhile to read - but rarely finds anything.
THE PDs yesterday binned a copy of Magill magazine, which they said had engaged in the "deliberate character assassination" of leader Mary Harney.
TANAISTE Mary Harney vowed yesterday to "vigorously pursue" a libel action against Magill magazine.
TANAISTE Mary Harney said yesterday she would sue Magill magazine over an article which makes allegations linking her to the Flood Tribunal.
However, Foley's submission to a second sub-committee investigating the case, also revealed a series of calls to two newspapers, an article in Magill magazine has claimed.
In a revealing interview in Magill magazine as part of a feature on the Dublin team of the '70s Mullins recalled how he came across Tyrone's Mickey Joe Forbes.