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The pseudonym of a feral child who spent the first 13 years of her life locked inside a bedroom strapped to a potty chair until she was discovered by authorities. She was a victim of one of the most severe cases of social isolation in American history
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Crewe's Lyceum is no exception, playing host to Brookside's Vickie Gates as a street-smart Aladdin in search of his magic lamp.
Now George Nottingham, who has produced and directed about 18 GPT shows, is hoping some genie with a magic lamp can conjure up a spare church hall or some new home for the society.
Starring the film's original cast of characters, assistance is provided throughout Disney's colorful program by the beloved blue fellow himself, the irreverent, tongue-twisting Genie of the magic lamp.
For the panto virgins among you Aladdin tells the tale of a happy go lucky young fella in Peking (although it's originally a Middle Eastern folk tale, hence his name) tricked into retrieving a magic lamp from a dark cave by a shady character claiming to be his uncle.
A RUB of a magic lamp, a wave of a magic wand and Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo - true magic happens right before your eyes in Disney On Ice SM presents Princess Classics
Aladdin's thieving lands him in jail at the mercy of evil Grand Vizier Jafar, who employs the boy to retrieve a magic lamp from the Cave of Wonders.
HIS summer Newi Cefn Druids officials handed the magic lamp to Alan Morgan and asked the former Wales under-21 midfielder to conjure up a side capable of surviving in Wales' top flight.
The story charts the life of a beautiful young women and her marriage to the cruel Sultan of Baghdad, who spins magical stories - Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves - to amuse her husband on their wedding night and save her own life.
The 24 features of the Classic Russian Fairy Tale Film Collection are universal tales known to all, including "Aladdin's Magic Lamp," "The Princess and the Pea," "Bambi" and Hans Christian Andersen's "Little Mermaid.
The cheerful dancers performed sets from the production and demonstrated how the magic lamp brought excitement and fun to all the townsfolk.
A RUB of a magic lamp, a wave of a magic wand and 'Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo' - true magic happens live, right before your eyes in Disney On IceSM presents Princess Classics at the NIA, Birmingham, next month.