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Biochemistry The number—20—of different amino acids found in proteins
Psychology Per G. Miller, the working memory’s holding capacity of about seven items
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Then [K.sub.n,n]-I is an (n-1)-star-supermagic decomposable graph with the magic constant (2[n.sup.3] + 8[n.sup.2] - 3n)/4.
Therefore [K.sub.n,n]-I is an (n-1)-star-supermagic decomposable graph, where n [equivalent to] 2 (mod 4) with the magic constant (2[n.sup.3] + 8[n.sup.2]-3n)/4.
We have that [K.sub.8,8]-I is 7-star-supermagic decomposable by using the labeling f in Table 1 with the magic constant 378.
It can be checked that [g.sub.2] : v([H.sub.2]) [union] E([H.sub.2]) [right arrow] {1, 2, 3, ..., 7 (p + q + r) + 5m-2} defined by [g.sub.2](x) = [g.sub.1](x), for all x [member of] V([H.sub.2]) [union] E([H.sub.2]), is an edge-magic labeling of [H.sub.2] with the magic constant 9 p + 8(q + r) + 6m + 1.
There are only eight ways three numbers from the set 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 can sum to the magic constant 12, so the most we can expect in the Lo Shu is that the three rows, three columns and two main diagonals sum to the magic constant.
The magic constant is 34 and with the number assignments, many four letter words which sum to this constant can be found in the square.
Slingshot works as a passive backdoor: it does not have a hardcoded command and control (C&C) address but obtains it from the operator by intercepting all network packages in kernel mode and checking to see if there are two hardcoded magic constants in the header.