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Biochemistry The number—20—of different amino acids found in proteins
Psychology Per G. Miller, the working memory’s holding capacity of about seven items
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Comprising two sets of siblings - singer Romeo Stodart and his sister Michele on bass, alongside Angela and Sean Gannon on keyboards and drums respectively - the Magic Numbers have been charming fans and critics alike since the release of their 2005 self-titled, Mercury-nominated debut LP.
Some fans have heard bits of Alias already - Romeo and bass-playing sister Michele toured a few songs in a van last September, during their first-ever acoustic tour - but for most, it'll be brand new, and perhaps the first they've heard of The Magic Numbers in some time.
But as Magic Numbers gives viewers at home the chance to walk away with a pounds 250,000 cash prize, it's bound to be a ratings winner.
Luckily, the incident hasn't stopped Magic Numbers becoming one of Britain's best-loved new bands and their fans at this London show were thrilled to see them play live.
Though 49s and Lucky Choice remain key elements of the bookmakers' portfolio, it is believed customers now find the repetitive nature of Magic Numbers unappealing.
These were called shell numbers, or more dramatically but less scientifically, magic numbers. If 28 or 40 protons or neutrons were present, some stability resulted, and these were called semi-magic numbers.
Headline acts on the Friday include The Magic Numbers, Dodgy, Willie
Sometimes we forget how good the Magic Numbers are.
As The Magic Numbers gear up for a show at the Georgian Theatre, Stockton, Philip Tallentire looks ahead to the performance...
Y know what you're getting with the Magic Numbers. Dreamy harmonies, sweeping melodies, driving rock and gorgeous ballads - and then maybe the odd dare or two.