Magic Number

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Biochemistry The number—20—of different amino acids found in proteins
Psychology Per G. Miller, the working memory’s holding capacity of about seven items
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The team from Kyoto University set up the experiment to find out if chimps also had a magic number.
The Angels, whose lead had not been as large as five games since July 26, reduced their magic number to two.
20, 1996--NEXTLINK SOLUTIONS will showcase Magic Number, the first personal communication service that offers a "virtual executive assistant" to manage a suite of telecommunication applications, at the Field & Sales Force Automation conference in the San Jose Convention Center (Booth 1345) Feb.
It also dropped the Angels' magic number for clinching the division to four.
The Angels' magic number (combination of Angels' wins and A's losses) for clinching the division fell to five.
The magic number for the Dodgers' elimination dwindled to three.
The Angels' magic number to clinch the division (any combination of Angels wins and A's losses) is nine.
The magic number for their elimination entering the day was six.
High Desert's magic number for clinching the title was seven going into Monday.
For some reason, many people believe that P/E Ratios of 20 or less and Price/Book Values of 1 or less are these so-called magic numbers.
Sometimes we forget how good the Magic Numbers are.
As The Magic Numbers gear up for a show at the Georgian Theatre, Stockton, Philip Tallentire looks ahead to the performance.