Magic Number

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Biochemistry The number—20—of different amino acids found in proteins
Psychology Per G. Miller, the working memory’s holding capacity of about seven items
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Marc Kroon had a 1-2-3 ninth for his 23rd save for the Central League leader, which has won six of its last seven and cut its magic number for the league crown to 11.
THE MAGIC NUMBER: 36 MARK DOUGLAS THERE is a twist in the tale somewhere here, we just don't know where it is going to come.
(While the company is not divulging the system's cost, chairman and chief scientist Amnon Shashua does say, "$100 is the magic number that allows a system to enter into high volume," implying that EyeQ either meets or beats that sum.) But the factor that Mobileye thinks really gives it an edge is the way its system processes images.
The amount being asked for on Capitol Hill, according to Spinola, is $20 billion, "the magic number" that New York Sens.
Indeed, Koch postulates that 20% of a company's clients account for 80% of its income and then goes on to explain how companies should focus their greatest efforts on the 20% that really matters and exploit the enormous potential of that magic number.
FIFTEEN is the magic number for women undergoing fertility treatment, a study has found.
Jaguar and Rush had a magic number in common when they met at Anfield.
Can the planners explain why they chose eight minutes as the magic number, rather than seven or nine?
MAGIC NUMBER: Barford magician Mel Harvey, alias Wizz-About the Wizard (right) with fellow magicians Eddie Harris (Zonk the Wizard) on the phone, and Phil Banks, Wizzy the Wizard.
The magic number, average, anywhere, even in the East River, is $100 per square foot.
Eight was the magic number as the unnamed Dubliner chose four No8 horses who all romped home.
MAGIC NUMBER: PC Debbie Fenny, pictured left, was in for a shock when she received her very apt number for this year's Redcar Half Marathon - 999