Magic Bullet Theory

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A posit argued ad infinitum regarding a bullet—Warren Commission Exhibit 399—found at President John F. Kennedy’s assassination which allegedly struck both JFK and Governor Connally
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JRL leaders said a fascist government in power, inspired by Joseph Gobbles' malicious propaganda techniques or Harold Lasswell's 'magic bullet theory' by trying to paint the brutal pacification of Kashmir as peace and return of normalcy.
The magic bullet theory was disproved by researchers such as Lazarsfeld, Berelson and Gaudet in their studies.
As one Warren Commission critic put it, the commission's findings are a series of small and medium lies, based on one big lie: The magic bullet theory. Boiled down, that theory--authored by former Pennsylvania senator Arlen Specter--holds that Oswald fired three shots at a moving target in six seconds.
For the magic bullet theory to work, the laws of physics, for starters, would have had to have not been in effect.
Be "one step flow," the hypodermic needle model or the magic bullet theory, all these patterns assumes that within any process of communication are produced an immediate effect on the receiver.
Establishing Ferrari are at fault will be as easy as proving the Magic Bullet Theory.
Members of secret societies and the handful of people who still believe the Magic Bullet theory won't find much to like.
The magic bullet theory, an early idea of the media's influence in society, implies that messages, like bullets, hit every audience member in the same way, with an intended, uniform effect.
It is sad to see the left-leaning press once again buy the lone gunman, magic bullet theory of how another of the horrors in our society was committed.
Food & Water, a Vermont-based consumer group, doesn't buy the magic bullet theory, arguing that irradiation destroys nutrients while creating carcinogens and exposing workers at food processing plants to radiation hazards.
Foremost among these on climatological issues, for instance, has been Robert Jastrow, who made his name as perhaps the only "scientist" on earth who believed in Ronald Reagan's magic bullet theory of ballistic missile defense.
Arlen Specter, the guy ho dreamed up the magic bullet theory and terrorized Anita Hill last fall, the guy you would want to run Bloomingdale's?