Magendie, François

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Magendie, François

Fr. physiologist, 1783–1855.

foramen of Magendie

A small opening at the caudal tip of the fourth ventricle through which cerebrospinal fluid flows from the cerebral ventricles into the subarachnoid space.

law of Magendie

Bell law.
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François, French physiologist, 1783-1855.
Bell-Magendie law - Synonym(s): Bell law
Magendie foramen - Synonym(s): medial aperture of the fourth ventricle
Magendie law - Synonym(s): Bell law
Magendie spaces - space between the pia and arachnoid at the level of the fissures of the brain.
Magendie-Hertwig sign - skew deviation of the eyes in acute cerebellar lesions. Synonym(s): Magendie-Hertwig syndrome
Magendie-Hertwig syndrome - Synonym(s): Magendie-Hertwig sign
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