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In their mouse studies, Francis Chaouloff, research director at Inserm's NeuroCentre Magendie, Sarah Dubreucq, a PhD student and FranAcois Georges, a CNRS research leader at the Interdisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience, the researchers demonstrated that the location of this receptor in a part of the brain associated with motivation and reward systems controls the time for which an individual will carry out voluntary physical exercise.
In 1899, Rudolph Matas, a surgeon in New Orleans, reported the use of this apparatus for the successful removal of a chest wall tumour, stating "It is curious that surgeons should have failed to apply for so long a time the suggestions of the physiological laboratory, where the bellows and tracheal tubes have been in constant use from the days of Magendie to the present, in practising artificial respiration in animals" (3).
Olivier Manzoni (Head of Research Inserm Unit 862, "Neurocentre Magendie," in Bordeaux and Unit 901 "Institut de Neurobiologie de la Mediterranee" in Marseille), and Sophie Laye (Head of Research at INRA Unit 1286, "Nutrition et Neurobiologie Integrative" in Bordeaux) and their co-workers hypothesized that chronic malnutrition during intra-uterine development, may later influence synaptic activity involved in emotional behaviour (e.
Voir France, Mission Magendie, Celerite et qualite de la justice : La gestion du temps dans le proces : Rapport au Garde des Sceaux, ministre de la Justice, Paris, Ministere de la Justice, 2004 (President : Jean-Claude Magendie), en ligne : Ministere de la Justice <http://www.
148; Maurice Magendie, La politesse mondaine et les theories de l'honnetete en France au XVIIe siecle, 2 volumes (Paris, 1925, repr.
5) If subarachnoid adhesions are present, air may travel intracerebrally and create a pneumocele, or it may travel through the foramina of Luschka and Magendie into the ventricular system.
Francois Magendie (1783-1855), a French experimental physiologist, attributed gastric acidity to lactic acid.
Situating d'Urfe's composition of a preliminary four-volume draft of L'Astree between 1584 and 1589, Magendie, 23-26, cites the Philocalie of Du Crozet: d'Urfe had shown to his neighbor a first version of the Bergeries that would become part 1 of L'Astree in 1607.
Replacements: Milhas, Skrela, Carre, Pueyo, Magendie, Tremoulet, Nones.
Around the corner from the old Magendie Building, which has been everything from a grocery store to a fandango hall, I find the most unwelcoming 1860s jail, with its tiny barred window and heavy metal door.